Unlocking Opportunities

Unlocking Opportunities
Unlocking Opportunities

Unlock Your Potential with an exciting career in health and care.

Introduction to the Unlocking Opportunities Project

The Unlocking Opportunities initiative is designed to enhance career prospects in the social care sector through a comprehensive set of offerings:

  • Social Care Academy: The academy aims to provide training and educational resources for individuals interested in pursuing a career in social care. The academy will likely offer courses, certifications, and professional development opportunities tailored to the needs of the social care workforce.

  • Social Care Careers Fair: These events are intended to connect job seekers with potential employers in the social care sector. It will provide a platform for networking, job hunting, and gaining insights into various career paths within social care.

  • Support for Schools, Colleges, and DWP: Unlocking Opportunities will collaborate with educational institutions and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to support their career fairs and mock interviews. Additionally, they will provide social care talks and interactive workshops to students, aiming to inspire and inform them about careers in social care.

  • One to One Signposting Service: This service will offer personalised guidance to individuals interested in social care careers, helping them navigate their career options, training opportunities, and job applications.

  • Health and Care Ambassadors Programme: This programme will recruit ambassadors to support the Unlocking Opportunities initiative and engage with the local community. These ambassadors will advocate for careers in social care, share their experiences, and promote the benefits and opportunities within the sector.

Through these components, Unlocking Opportunities aims to build a robust pipeline of skilled professionals in the social care sector, support workforce development, and enhance community engagement.

Health and Social Care Academies

The Social Care Academy offers:

  • Insight into roles, responsibilities, and career paths in Health and Social Care.
  • Interactive workshops and practical learning experiences.
  • Guidance from industry experts.
  • Flexible learning options to suit different needs.

It aims to prepare individuals for successful careers in the social care sector through comprehensive education and support.

How about becoming an Ambassador?

We are currently seeking Ambassadors from a range of different roles across Health and Social Care to facilitate sessions within Health and Social Care Academies. If you are passionate about your work and want to encourage more people to explore Health and Social Care as a career, signing up to become an Ambassador is a great place to start.

What does being an Ambassador involve?

  • Opportunities to visit local schools, colleges and job centres to promote careers in the Health & Social Care sectors
  • Current events are being delivered in a hybrid approach, both face-to-face and virtually using Microsoft Teams
  • Develop and maintain partnerships across both the Health and  Social Care sectors
  • Share your experience, knowledge and expertise to inspire individuals of all ages and backgrounds
  • Help individuals make informed decisions about their futures, boosting recruitment & retention

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

  • The opportunity to be flexible in how much time you can commit; it can be as little as taking a phone call or taking part in one of the Health and Social Care Academies.
  • You receive ongoing support and guidance from your Unlocking Opportunities team.
  • A chance to promote the sector as a whole, whilst endorsing your own organisation.
  • Playing a crucial part in encouraging the next generation to pursue a career in your job sector.
  • The satisfaction of sharing your knowledge and passion, and having a positive effect on the next generation.

If you would like more information about becoming an Ambassador email us at ambassadors@caredevelopmenteast.co.uk.