About the Complete Care Training Hub

Complete Care Training Hub
Complete Care Training Hub

The Complete Care Training Hub is a proactive approach to helping providers with a focus on behavioural change alongside academic learning, a series of events, and workshops which shape core beliefs, shift mindsets and encourage growth to better support our customers and afford them more choices and control. 

What does it include?

  • The delivery of the essential training required for Specialist Support Provider training with Positive Behavioural Support as a priority as well as Autism, Mental Health, Breakaway & the Law, Trauma Informed Training, and a solid knowledge of what is a lawful, least restrictive intervention, Personality Disorders and Dignity & Privacy.
  • Signs of safety through a trauma-informed lens.
  • Behaviour Safe at Work training.
  • Behaviour and the Law training.
  • PBS Informed & Equipped Sessions.
  • Free to potential Providers at point of use.
This high-quality training and development will enable providers to provide a wider range of services to clients with distressing behaviours or those with specialist requirements.
  • A training programme for Providers to move into the LD&A Specialist Support space.  
  • A clear focus on Positive Behavioural Support and Signs of Safety training.  
  • Trauma-Informed Training.
  • A solid foundation of training for our Providers will promote confidence, resilience and a willingness to work with all our customers. 
  • A cultural shift, a change in how our Providers view the market and the people there who require their support.
  • The Complete Training Hub is funded by Suffolk County Council and run by Care Development East.
We're currently offering fully funded, Positive Behavioural Support training workshops delivered by the PBS Cooperative to help you provide the best possible care and support to customers with learning disabilities, mental health, and autism.