Insulin Awareness and Injection Technique (Workshop 6)

18th October, 2024

This 3.5 hour workshop consists of two elements, insulin awareness and injection technique.

About this event

Ticket price refunded after attendance

Welcome to the Insulin Awareness and Injection Technique event! Join us on Monday 16th September 2024 at 09:30 AM at the Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre.

This workshop offers team members the opportunity to learn new (or maintain) skills and confidence, as well as to stay up to date! The session assists in maintaining or even improving the quality of life for people living with diabetes by those attending having a more in depth knowledge; assisting in reduced likelihood of medication errors, reduction of avoidable hospital admissions, minimising injection site problems.

Within the workshop, attendees will:

· gain an up to date overview of the use of insulin to treat diabetes

· obtain the theoretical skills to safely and correctly inject insulin, framed around national guidance and best practice

As well as providing the theoretical training of how to administer insulin, a practical element is included where attendees have 'hands on devices' time*.

This workshop is delivered by DUET diabetes by an experienced Diabetes Specialist Practitioner (who is also a registered dietician and healthcare educator).

Delegates are required to have a good awareness of diabetes in order to attend. Ideally attendees will have attended the ‘diabetes awareness and blood glucose monitoring & glucometer training’ workshop (or equivalent) within the last 12 months. Areas of knowledge required to participate in this workshop include:

· an understanding of the importance of monitoring glucose levels

· ability to perform a capillary blood glucose test and know what to do with the result (including what action to take if it is out of the documented acceptable range – i.e. too high or too low).

All of which is covered in our funded ‘diabetes awareness and blood glucose monitoring & glucometer training’ sessions (dates available in May, June and July).

Content Overview

· What insulin is and the role it plays in the body

· Why do people with diabetes need insulin?

· The different types of insulin

· The administration of insulin

· Storage of insulin

· Health and Safety (Sharp Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations 2013

· Identifying and preventing areas of liphypertrophy

· Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) and Hyperosmolar Hyperglycaemic State (HHS)

· Injection Technique

· Theoretical training and a practical insulin device workshop

*DUET diabetes does not provide ‘competency assessments’ for attendees. For non-registered practitioners who are (or going to be) administering insulin, we advise that there are clear agreements in place with all involved parties (i.e. care provider, delegating clinician and other supporting registered practitioners), including “on the job” practical competency assessments.

Robust policies and protocols need to be in place. If a local policy for the delegation of insulin administration for non-registered practitioners by social care providers does not exist, the Trend DIABETES documentation can potentially be adapted. Delegation will not be appropriate for all people with diabetes requiring insulin. Delegation must be in the best interest of the person, and the clinical risk for each person involved must be considered.

If you have any questions regarding the course content, please contact DUET diabetes: 01799 584178

Refreshments Included

Ticket price refunded after attendance.

Timings: Registration from 9.15am, start at 9.30am – finish 1pm

Venue: Kesgrave Community Centre, Twelve Acre Approach, Kesgrave. IP5 1JF

Please do not attend if you are unwell, email to let us know.

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