Business Continuity

Business Continuity
Business Continuity

How to create a business continuity plan

The Federation of Small Business has produced a useful guide to creating a business continuity plan.

A business continuity plan helps your company survive and continue running after a major disruption or disaster, like a fire or flood. It highlights the step-by-step process of what should be done to prevent risks that can lead to your business having to close down.

But creating a business continuity plan is by no means a simple task. From determining your business processes to essential resources and contingency planning, there’s a lot to think about. This guide aims to help by explaining the key things to consider.

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Business Continuity in Care Settings

The Care Provider Alliance is producing guidance and templates to help independent and voluntary providers ensure continuity of care, and to ensure their business can continue, if a problem occurs. They are being produced in collaboration with CPA members, ADASS and the Department of Health and Social Care. They include top tips, checklists, links to useful resources, and sources of advice and support

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