Other Funding Streams

In addition to Workforce Development Funding, there are a number of other funding streams that can be accessed by care providers to help them with the costs of training their staff.

Skills Funding Agency

The Education and Skills Funding Agency is a government body that funds skills training for further education (FE) in England. It assists employers to fund Apprenticeships. The funding is accessed by the employer through a digital account called The Apprenticeship Service and there are rules around exactly which qualifications and who can be funded this way.

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We have further information about Apprenticeships in general in our Training and Development section.

Advanced Learner Loans

Advanced or Adult Learning Loans are available to all learners aged 19+ to assist with course fees. They can be used to support qualifications from level 3 to level 6.

This includes:

  • Certificates from level 3 to level 6
  • Diplomas from level 3 to level 6

When applying for a 19+ Advanced Learning Loan, there is no credit check and household income isn’t taken into account. Loan repayments are linked to what you earn when you’ve finished your course, not how much you borrowed. You only need to start paying back your 19+ Advanced Learning Loan when you’ve finished your course and you’re earning more than £21,000 a year. If you want to make voluntary repayments, you can do so at any time.

Loan repayments will be taken directly from your wage through the tax system.

You may be able to get financial support for living expenses, this depends on where you live and your household income.

Advanced Learning Loan

Developing Skills in Health and Social Care

From September 2020, Norfolk County Council and Suffolk County Council are providing access to qualifications in health and social care. This training is for existing health and social care staff who live and work in Norfolk and Suffolk. Training will be provided until the 30th of September 2023, in the first instance.

Developing Skills in Health & Social Care